WP 2: Company Participation


January 2012 –

June 2014

Lead Partner:

Innovation & Growth Academy


Lead Researcher:

Silvia Castellazzi

Researchers involved:

Peer Ederer, Joost Vente, all teams providing regional support


WP2 coordinates activities related to company participation, engagement with private stakeholders (enterprises and individuals), preparation of information materials and organization of feedback sessions and results dissemination.


The main objectives are: 

  • Recruitment of about 50-60 enterprises and 4,000 participants for CPS test
  • Successful engagement of enterprises and their stakeholders in understanding and using project results and instruments for internal activities


This WP also manages communication of interim results and project advancements through newsletters, memos and other formats both to participating enterprises and potential ones.

Methods applied

Relevance of project results is discussed with companies primarily through workshops and presentations.

Interim results

As of mid 2014, tests have been completed in approximately 20 companies in six different countries and further 15 are being scheduled. Tests are bound to be completed by the first quarter of 2015.