WP 10: Dissemination


April 2014 –

September 2015

Lead Partner:

Zeppelin University


Lead Researcher:

Peer Ederer

Researchers involved:



The objective of this Work Package is to create and ensure implementation of the dissemination strategy. All outputs (models,reports and tools) of our research are designed to guide, support and facilitate best practice and strategy among public policy officials, enterprise strategists, individual citizens and fellow scientists.


In particular, the project aims at raising awareness within enterprises and their workforce, in order to support the effective implementation of models and tools produced during the project.


Most of the dissemination will occur in the final three months of the project, when the project outputs will have materialized.

Interim results

Activities related to this work package are ongoing. While the website has already been implemented and tools fordissemination are already in use during 2014, the greater part of the dissemination efforts will be carried out during 2015 based on the research results achieved by partners.

During the research plenary in October 2014 the details of the dissemination strategy and the publications will be finalized.