Information for participating companies

Project Rationale: Lifelong Learning is a key to growth and competitiveness…

• Attracting new talents and keeping them in your company 

Fostering innovation

Acquiring knowledge to support entry into new markets

Providing better working conditions to you and your colleagues

• Supporting your colleagues into a longer working-life



Driven by technological change, globalization and the search for the next innovation-led competitive advantage, enterprises in all sectors of the economy have seen great changes in the nature and complexity of the tasks performed, thus relying more and more on the knowledge of the own employees. At the same time, demographic changes in the Western society are creating the conditions for increasing lack of young, skilled employees on the one hand and the necessity for elder ones to stay longer in their jobs on the other one.

…but the scientific community needs more evidence:

Our knowledge peters out rapidly though as to evidence-based whens, wheres, whos, whats and hows of Lifelong Learning. We do not know which context is most efficient at creating human capital, and cannot quantify the returns a company achieves from investing in human capital. To answer these questions, the project aims to conduct an analysis of employees’ skills and the Lifelong Learning environments currently in place at 50-60 successful companies across Europe’s 5-6 most competitive industries.

Insights delivered to participating companies:

Identifying CPS and skills in your company and relating them to the policy environment, industry-sector and work organization;

Delivering insights on how to improve those skills;

Identifying HR training measures that promote those skills.


Each participating company will receive a tailor-made package with aggregated findings and analysis, together with recommendations on how to leverage the capabilities of the own workforce; companies will furthermore have the opportunity of entering into a dialogue on these themes with researchers and consultants from across the world and be involved in this research effort over the next years.

Privacy on the LLLight’in’Europe project:

The LLLight’in’Europe project takes privacy issues seriously and obeys European laws and guidelines on privacy protection. We appreciate that the data collected during the course of the project is sensitive, and it will be handled with all due considerateness and care. Most importantly this implies that:

i) All individual data will be treated anonymously

ii) No individual data (testing results) will be made public. Only company level aggregated data will be made available to employers, and only industry or country level data will be made available to the public.

iii) All data received will be handled confidentially. It will not be passed to third parties, and will be used strictly for research purposes in the domain specified in this outlines only.

iv) All researchers working on the analysis of this data have signed confidentiality agreements and apply the project’s guidelines on responsible data handling.


If you are interested in participating in the LLLight’in’Europe project, or should you have any further queries, please contact us on info(at)